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112-Piece Medium Food Service Cabinet
112-Piece Medium Food Service Cabinet
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Food Service Cabinet- # RF701
Each cabinet sells for $93.00

SmartCompliance Kits' unique cabinet designs eliminate disorganized and missing supplies. Cabinets have clearly labeled compartments that are easy to use, and the Smart Tab EzRefill™ System keeps track of contents. With the expansion pockets, cabinets can be customized to meet specific needs too. Contents subject to change without notice. 12 1/8"L x 9 1/2"H x 3 1/4"W.

Full Product Info
Kit Includes:

·         (2) FAE-3010: Metal detectable, Visible Blue Bandages 1in. x 3in., 25/bx
·         (1) FAE-3030: Metal detectable, Visible Blue Knuckle Bandage, 20/bx
·         (1) FAE-3040: Metal detectable, Visible Blue Fingertip Bandage, 20/bx
·         (1) FAE-6007: Triangular Sling/Bandage, 40in. x 40in. x 56in., 1/bx
·         (1) FAE-5002: Conforming Gauze Roll, 2in., 1/bx
·         (1) FAE-5005: Gauze Dressing Pad, 3in. x 3in., 10/pads
·         (1) FAE-5012: Trauma Pad, 5in. x 9in.
·         (1) FAE-6040: Cloth First Aid Tape, 1in. x 5yd., 1/bx
·         (1) FAE-4002: BZK antiseptic towelettes, 10/bx
·         (1) FAE-7006: Burn Relief, 3.5 grams, 6/bx
·         (1) FAE-7011: Antibiotic Ointment, 10/bx
·         (1) FAE-6004: Scissors
·         (1) FAE-6017: First Aid Guide
·         (1) FAE-6018: Exam-Quality Vinyl Gloves, 4/bx
·         (1) FAE-6019: Stainless Steel Tweezer

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