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What to Expect From This Job

What to Expect From This Job

If you become an Independent Fundraising Consultant with us, you join a team that helps youth groups, schools and other organizations raise funds quickly and easily through the sale of first aid products.
Our fundraisers offer a healthy alternative to traditional fundraisers (such as candy, popcorn and cookie dough), while promoting a safer community.
As one of our consultants, your responsibilities include:
·         Identifying youth groups and schools in the area that run fundraising programs
·         Building relationships and initiating Responsible Fundraising programs with these organizations
·         Networking with local groups and giving presentations
·         Conducting marketing campaigns (such as email campaigns) to build awareness of our programs
·         Keeping track of your weekly sales activity using our easy tracking tools
·         Participating in a weekly training session or sales meeting (offered online or by phone; scheduled at convenient times)
Our corporate team in Denver supports you with all our marketing collateral and sales tracking tools. (You don’t have to start from scratch!) We also take care of fulfilling your customers’ orders.
Metro Areas We’re Hiring For
As an Independent Fundraising Consultant, you’re responsible for developing business in a specific metro area. Currently, we’re hiring consultants for the following areas:
·         Denver [All of Denver? Do you want to divide into sections?]
·         Boulder
·         Ft. Collins
·         Colorado Springs