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Responsible Fundraising

A Healthy Fundraising Option.

Responsible Fundraising is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to traditional fundraisers. The Responsible Fundraising program started with one goal in mind – to offer a responsible and healthy fundraising option.

Our First Aid Kit promotions are the solution for schools, athletic groups, non-profits and other organizations to achieve their fundraising goals faster while supporting a healthy community and lifestyle.

Our compact First Aid Mini-Packs and our Zippered Soft Side Kit contain all the basics for first aid care. The contents have been reviewed by a physician and are listed on the back of each kit. Kits typically include an assortment of bandages, antiseptic wipes, ointments, gauze pads, first aid tape, some ibuprofen and a first aid guide. Kits like these have been sold for more than 20 years, and have proven very useful and handy.

Responsible Fundraising is a Division of
Centers for Health and Public Safety (CHPS).

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Centers for Health and Public Safety (CHPS) is committed to saving lives — one loved one at a time. Whether people are interested in finding information about sudden cardiac arrest, buying first aid and automated external defibrillator products, or finding local training courses, CHPS is dedicated to helping the general public put the right emergency systems in place to prevent unnecessary deaths.

CHPS is set up as a centralized resource for sudden cardiac arrest preparation, so people don’t have to waste time searching the web for information. It strives to provide easy access to reliable, life saving resources, ranging from education, to training, to products.

CHPS strives to demystify sudden cardiac arrest and share information from experts in the field. It wants to give the public the peace of mind that they’re getting the most reliable resources and tools available to protect the people around them.

George Wheeler, Jr. Founder and PresidentAbout the President: George Wheeler, Jr.   

George Wheeler, Jr. brings more than 25 years of business experience to his leadership role with Responsible Fundraising and the Centers for Health and Public Safety. Over the course of his career, George has worked for IBM, Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter Reynolds. With his entrepreneurial mindset, George has used his extensive business knowledge to found and run several organizations.

George’s personal interest and passion for preventing unnecessary deaths from sudden cardiac arrest took root in August 2001. His son, a Northwestern University football player, died from sudden cardiac arrest following a conditioning workout with the Northwestern football team.

In addition to running Responsible Fundraising and the Centers for Health and Public Safety, George oversees the National Sports Safety Organization (NSSO).  The NSSO strives to protect America’s athletes and reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths from sporting activities in the United States.

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